There's a newly available product in the Americas that approximately 99% of people don't yet know about, that can effectively lower and balance blood sugar (blood glucose). 7% of the US population have diabetes (21% ages 60+), which is the primary reason for high blood sugar levels due to insulin resistance. Insulin is a substance our bodies produce naturally to help process and absorb sugar. Many sufferers have to pretty much completely eliminate sugar from their diet just to keep their levels low enough, and often that isn't even acceptable.

Odds are, you don't know of an easy way to reduce your blood glucose level without cutting out so many delicious foods. Well, as long as you continue reading, that will no longer be the case! This effective natural solution is ganoderma lucidum (also known as reishi) - the most nutritionally potent medicinal mushroom on the planet that has been used for centuries by Asian cultures to prevent and treat many different health conditions. There's a company based overseas that cultivates a select few of the best species of reishi and produces a very potent extract from them. They have infused this extract with coffee, tea, and other things to create delicious, quality, and effective beverages.

Would you drink an excellent-tasting cup of coffee or glass of iced tea on a regular basis to significantly lower your blood sugar? 1 - 2 months of consumption every day can do just that. And not only that, but it can also reduce inflammation, balance your blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, among many other beneficial things, and without ANY side effects. That's right, no side effects, and even no interference with any medications - it is completely natural. It's even used in some countries overseas as an effective treatment for cancer (but not in America).

This might sound like a gimmick or unreal, but it's not. You might be thinking to yourself, "why haven't I heard of this "miracle mushroom"?", or "why hasn't my doctor prescribed this for me?". Reishi is an extremely rare botanical in nature and has only recently been cultivated and perfected in the last couple decades or so in Malaysia, and is now growing in popularity all around the world, and now in America. Many doctors don't know about it as a potential solution for high blood sugar because they only study and prescribe medicine, not foods or "natural remedies" - they are only educated and licensed to prescribe drug medications as effective treatments, which are often not without side effects. In fact, many medical doctors don't believe in natural remedies, since most of them on the market do not yield any definite or significant results.

A past problem was devising a way to distribute the benefits of this mushroom to the world while preserving it's medicinal properties. Reishi, just like every other fungii, has it's peak period of potency, and as with most any plant, can spoil and lose it's effectiveness. By developing an extract of the pure medicinal value of the mushrooms at this peak point of life, capturing and preserving nearly all of their nutritional value is possible, and the reishi itself doesn't have to be consumed to remain effective. There are only a few reishi supplements available today, most of which are just pills, but the effectiveness of those whole food supplements is not certain and in debate.

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