Medicinal Mushrooms

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Coriolus Versicolor

MushroomScience has been offering their customers the purest and most effective medical mushrooms supplements and organic mushrooms since 1994, longer than any other medicinal mushroom company in North America.

Our experience shows:

  • We grow our own certified organic mushrooms, on wood, the way nature intended.
  • Every extract is carefully prepared, capturing the complete essence of what made these medical mushrooms valuable in the ancient herbal traditions of Japan and China.
  • Quality is guaranteed; each supplement is formulated to deliver consistent and effective levels of all the primary active compounds identified in the scientific research. Every supplement that carries the MushroomScience label has been analyzed to ensure this is the case.
  • Potency is listed on the label of every mushroom supplement, allowing you to take full advantage of the dosing recommendations proven effective in the scientific research.

No other medical mushrooms company can match our skill, sophistication or experience when it comes to providing you with guaranteed potency, research quality, certified organic mushrooms and mushroom supplements ... the proof is on every label.

MushroomScience is the only mushroom company in North America that is willing to list the levels of all the scientifically validated active compounds on every supplement label.

With tens of thousands of peer reviewed studies published over the last forty years there is no longer any mystery regarding what the active compounds are in each of the different medicinal mushrooms. From Krestin (Coriolus) to Reishi to Maitake, the potency needed for good effect has been clearly established.

As Dr. Mark Stengler recognizes in his revolutionary new book, "The Health Benefits of Medicinal Mushrooms", this potency information is essential, and it is what sets the MushroomScience supplements apart from all other mushroom supplements on the market.

It is only common sense; you need to know potency information in order to see how the supplement stacks up to the potency standards established in the research.

Consistent and guaranteed potency are the foundation of traditional herbalism and the modern clinical research, and are essential to delivering the health benefits you are looking for when using medicinal mushroom supplements.

MushroomScience supplements offer only the very best that nature and science have to offer, and the proof is on every label. this information from here