Mushrooms in Ghana

Posted by admin | 3:15 AM

The Mushrooms in Ghana Project is an effort to expand the Oyster mushroom industry and introduce Shiitake production to the African country of Ghana. Douglass and Sandra Williams of Lost Creek Mushroom Farm in Oklahoma established the project.

Protein deficiency is a growing problem throughout the African population and accessible protein-rich foods, such as Oyster and Shiitake mushrooms, are in great demand. However, growers are facing numerous challenges, including contaminated spawn, lack of resources and insufficient training. The Mushrooms in Ghana Project would help to address those challenges.

Working closely with the Williams' is Bernard Bempah, director of the BemCom Youth Enterprises/Association. Through his association, Bempah teaches Ghanaian farmers to grow Oyster mushrooms. He is a trained spawn producer; however a lack of proper equipment has hindered production.

The Williams' have set a fundraising goal of $20,000. With that money they could bring Bempah to the United States to learn about Shiitake mushroom growing. They could also purchase the supplies and equipment necessary to boost mushroom production in Ghana.


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