An Ancient History of Healing

Some of the earliest Chinese medical texts dating back 2000 years and more place certain rare mushroom species amongst the most potent types of healing herbs available. Revered for their ability to promote health, longevity and wisdom they were for many centuries available only to the ruling classes of ancient China due to their rarity and prohibitive expense.

Secret to Longevity

You might have heard of Mushrooms such as Reishi, Cordycepts or Shitake? As stated above these were once reserved only for royalty. Known as "The Emperor's Secret", they were available only to he and his family due to their rarity and expense. With them lay the keys to health, vitality, longevity, and some even believed immortality.

Specific strains of Mushrooms have Immune-regulating properties which can result in many health benefits.

Recent studies have shown Mushroom Nutrition to be beneficial in the following areas:

Anti Tumor Anti Cancer

Anti Fatigue Anti Viral

Hepatitis B Liver Cancer

Some of the more traditional Chinese Medical uses of Mushroom Nutrition over the last 2000 years would be:

Immune System

Common Cold Influenza

Inflammation Arthritis

Allergies Lupus

Asthma Chronic Bronchitis

Herpes Simplex

Herpes Zoster

Circulatory System

Hypertension Hypotension

Arteriosclerosis Cholesterol

Anemia Elevation Sickness

Digestive System

Gastroenteritis Liver Necrosis

Obesity Diabetes

Constipation Gallstones

Mushroom Nutrition is a viable alternative to those seeking to improve their overall health and wellbeing, enhance athletic ability or fight chronic disease such as cancer and it's related effects.

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