HIV and AIDS is a medical problem that has confounded the medical community since its introduction to the world. It was first identified in the United States around 1980, largely unheard of before this time with a few isolated exceptions that match the disease's symptoms. The HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus, and AIDS for acquired immune deficiency syndrome. AIDS is a disease that results in damage the immune system, which over time leaves individuals susceptible to infections that weaken the body. AIDS/HIV is transferred through bodily fluids, including blood, semen, and breast milk. As AIDS reaches pandemic stages, researchers are trying to find a solution for this terrible disease that in 2007 was estimated at infecting 88.2 million people worldwide.

The normal course of treatment has been AZT and other cocktails of antiviral drugs. Although these drugs can slow the progression of this disease, no one has yet found the cure. Studies are looking into natural supplements to fight this disease. There are multiple studies that have taken into consideration the effects of regular vitamin supplements for the body. A completely unique and new type of dietary supplement, combining immuno-modulators and direct acting anti-viral compounds from all-natural sources has emerged using medicinal mushrooms. These compounds have been tested in a number of different clinical Trials, and have been found to be extremely safe and effective. The Chinese have used many of these mushrooms to boost immune function for centuries.

These fungi serve as immunomodulators. Mushroom derived immune enhancers have been used in cancer therapy worldwide since their discovery in 1976. Examples of these types of mushroom derived polysaccharide compounds are Lentinan, PSK, PSP, Grifolan, and the cross-linked beta-mannans from Cordyceps. These have all been used in clinical trials on HIV patients, both alone and in combination with HAART drugs. And they have all shown effectiveness.

Two separate researchers on opposite sides of the Earth - one in China, one in California, have screened 27 herbs from traditional Chinese medicine to see how it impacted the AIDS virus. These herbs were purified and tested to find out what happened to the HIV cells while not damaging the normal cells. The results showed that several of these herbs would fight the disease through a controlled assay. Viola yesdoensis was the most effective. This herb reduced the percentage of infection cells from 12.8 to zero, 3.8 to .4, and 21.5 to .4 in three separate assays.

Other herbs were also found to be effective, but with limited research and lack of funding, these researchers are unable to continue studies to find more definitive results. There is also no way without research to find levels that would be safe for human consumption, or how it would react with the human body. Researching these herbs on your own may be beneficial, but it is definitely best to speak with an herbalist as well as your own doctor before trying any herbs on your own.

The New England Journal of Medicine, VOL 351.23-32, reports a study with 1078 pregnant women infected with AIDS. These women were given daily supplements of vitamin A and multi-vitamins. This study found that women who took the multi-vitamins lowered the viral loads on the body, but vitamin A alone had smaller benefits.

This is not the only study examining the effects of multi vitamins on the advance of AIDS. Although this is not a replacement for anti-HIV drugs, evidence seems to show that by taking a multi vitamin supplement you can help lesson the symptoms. The reason for this, doctors believe, is because this virus compromises your immune system, and by taking supplements you are supporting it. This makes the advancement slow down.

In a study in Africa, a study showed a multivitamin taken daily with vitamin B, C and E as well as folic acid slowed the onset of AIDS and death, and a study in Thailand showed a reduced risk of death in people that were experiencing the advanced stages of HIV. These studies don't suggest that this is a cure for AIDS, but the polysaccharides in medicinal mushrooms have been shown to do offer a better of quality of life while you battle this disease by supporting your immune system. These with inexpensive and readily available solutions.

Keep in mind that even vitamin supplements can be toxic. Research the proper dosing, as certain supplements can cause liver and bone damage, vomiting, headache, kidney stones, and nerve damage if you take too many of these supplements. Talk with your doctor and an HIV specialist first, meet with a dietitian and gain advice on how to optimize your intake through diet as well as supplements. Feel free to educate them on the benefits of immune support using natural immune boosting polysaccharides to help boost your immune system.

Herbal remedies are being used by patients with HIV, but these remedies are not well studied and some can actually counteract the HIV drugs. There are several known interactions so far, and hopefully in time we will have more answers about what works together, but use caution when trying these remedies.

As we continue to battle this disease, sufferers must continue to raise awareness so that the research is not put on the back burner. With an answer as simple as polysaccharides and better nutrition to slow the onset and progression, maybe we can find another answer within nature to help wipe this terrible disease out. It is imperative that we continue the research that has given us a start to the answer, and maybe we can find the secret to the cure.

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