Making a nice profit with your mushroom-growing business is fairly easy. Still, there are some secrets that can get you ahead. These secrets can turn you from a moderately-successful grower into a highly-successful grower that is making big profits. Here are some profitable mushroom-growing secrets to get you started:

1. Grow oyster mushrooms

Oyster mushrooms are a type of exotic mushroom that can bring you top dollar at market. They're in high demand, and they're currently selling for about $6 a pound. Plus, they're fairly easy to grow. You can grow an oyster mushroom from start to finish in about six weeks. So when you're thinking about growing mushrooms for profit, think about growing oyster mushrooms. Not only can they make you good money, but they are in high demand and are easy to grow.

2. Cleanliness

Maintaining a high level of cleanliness seems obvious, but is what can hold some growers back. Make sure your growing area is clean and safe from any contaminates. Wipe down and disinfect any surfaces that might come into contact with your substrate, spawn or other items. Spray the air with a 10% bleach solution. Take care of any drafts that might be present. Use caulk or weather-stripping to stop those threats. And don't forget to wash your hands thoroughly. A high level of cleanliness will lead to quality mushrooms, which will in turn lead to quality profits.

3. Freeze or dry unused mushrooms

Your mushrooms will be at their best when they're fresh. That's when you should sell them. If you're not able to sell your fresh mushrooms right away, freeze or dry them. Either method allows you to sell them at a later date, such as a few days or months in the future. Again, your goal should be to sell your fresh mushrooms as soon as possible, but use freezing or drying if you can't do that.

4. Free samples

Free samples are a great way to drum up interest for your mushrooms. This is especially a good idea when you're selling to grocery stores and restaurants. You can't expect them to take your word for it. They'll probably want to sample your mushrooms, so come prepared. Handing out a sample to a chef or produce buyer will increase your chance of making a sale.

5. Demonstrations

Putting on demonstrations is similar to handing out free samples. If you're able to sell your mushrooms at a grocery store, ask if you can put on demonstrations. This will help increase demand for your product. Using an electric skillet, sauté your fresh mushrooms in butter, and hand out samples to passing customers. Friday is a high-traffic day, so consider doing it on that day. Have fun with it! Pass out recipes and other information about your mushrooms. Better yet, make one of these recipes and show your customers just what your mushrooms can do for them. Simply put, this is a great way to get more business.

Follow these five profitable mushroom-growing secrets, and you could see some nice profits coming your way. To learn more about growing oyster mushrooms for profit, read Golden Harvest, available at:

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