Various types of mushrooms have long been known for its role in agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, fisheries, food, industrial, pharmaceutical and medicine, whether profitable or that bring losses. So talk about the role of fungi in human life, must be specified for each area concerned.

1. Role Profitable
Called a beneficial role if her presence either directly or indirectly, beneficial for the concerned. Some of the beneficial role of fungi in human life, among others:
a. In agriculture and forestry
Organic soil, such as humus, has a very important role in agriculture and forestry. Because the presence of these compounds will be able to maintain a minimum of soil physical properties, as well as more far more to improve soil physical properties are so much better. The physical properties of good soil will bring a lot of influence on the ground, eg in the fertilizer use efficiency, in the absorption and storage of rain water, in the solubility of minerals in the ground and in air circulation in the soil. Consequently it on good soil physical properties, its nature will remain loose and not lack of water sources.
Organic soil largely came from the overhaul or decomposition of fallen leaves, animal and crop residues or other materials that fall in the surface soil by microbes, particularly by janut.
In the field of agronomy, the process of reform of organic sources by the fungus in the soil I have a very high value and determining for the success of agriculture or forestry.
The presence of several types of fungi in the roots of plants with mycorrhiza memhentuk, the association between the fungus with the plant life of ¬, it appeared to have particular significance in the field of agronomy. Because of the presence of the fungus, the decomposition process inside compound that can be exploited by land roots increased. Also exist between these types of fungi that have a role very important in the cycle of soil minerals, such as in a cycle of nitrogen, carbon, phosphorus and sulfur.
In the field of forestry such as the presence of mycorrhizae in pine plantation and many other forest plant species of economic value, has long been known and utilized. Some types of mushrooms such as Tricholoma them, Lycoperdon, Clitocybe, and so much added artificially at certain forest nursery seedlings for better growth and fertile.