There are tons of people that go out hunting for exotic mushrooms every year. Certain wild mushrooms that you can find growing in local forests or maybe even in your own backyard are quite tasty and are deliciouses with meat or even in stews. However, there are some precautions to take when setting out on a fungi find.

You will want to learn exactly which species of fungus it is that you are looking to obtain. Walking out into the forest with the intention of gobbling down any tasty looking shroom you stumble upon is ill advised. You should have a set plan of attack for exactly which mushroom to pick and where to find it. Nearly all fungi only fruit during specific times of year and only under certain climate conditions. Fungus tends to grow in wet climates and a lot of them spawn around autumn time.

So when you have collected your fill, another precautionary bit of advise is to cook the mushrooms before eating them. Cooking them or even boiling them at high temperatures will kill off any bacteria that is on them from the forest floor. Mushrooms also contain mycotoxincs which basically become nullified when heated. It is a good rule of thumb to just cook all the shrooms you are gathering from the wild. Not only will they become clean but, cooking them will also bring out more of the flavor. Not very many raw mushrooms are truly volatile to eat but remember, if you have picked up some poisonous mushrooms, no form of cooking is going to remove the toxic substance which will cause poisoning.

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