Mushrooms require great attention and care, as they are quite delicate, fragile and of high value. Growing and cultivation of wild exotic or edible gourmet mushrooms need proper growing tools and equipment in order to attain a healthy and abundant harvest. The growing technique is every bit as important as the equipment used.

One of the most important processes for growing mushrooms is the hydration process. This requires a comprehensive system and makes use of several pieces of equipment. An infeed belt transports the mushrooms from a buffer reservoir to the hydration section. Once the hydration process is complete, they are transferred to the next processing station. This is a completely automatic process, and parameters such as vacuum level, aeration times and hydration times can be independently set. This guarantees constant and equal treatment of the mushrooms. It also minimizes product damage. Equipment used in the hydration process include a vacuum pump, mixing tank and a vacuum lowering system.

There are other pieces of equipment and processing machines that are used for a variety of uses. Washing devices ensure that dirt and peat are gently washed from the mushrooms without damaging them; mushroom slicers for preparation and packaging to the consumer; suction dry systems, and various types of equipment to clean crates and packaging.

There are different processes and equipment for use on mushrooms, depending on whether they are going to be packaged fresh or frozen. Regardless, each method requires an ingenious arrangement of the machines on the processing line to create an optimal outcome; with full or partial automation, a high level of efficiency is achieved in regards of both quantity and quality.

The suction dryer is an important piece of equipment because it helps to remove moisture, thus increasing the shelf life. This process is used for all vegetables, fruits and salads. The suction dryer is a compact and cheaper alternative to the centrifuge, while producing the exact same results. The dryer is a PVC mesh wire belt. Suction openings are mounted under the belt, which extracts moisture from the mushrooms (or other vegetables.) The dryer can be used on its own, or in conjunction with the washing systems.

Once the mushrooms have been sorted, cleaned and dried, they must be packaged for delivery to the consumer. There are different drums and vacuum sealers that will achieve the desired results and, again, can be used for other vegetables as well. The machines will count and fill each box, bag or container exactly to the specifications that are identified, and can be customized for any size.

Mushrooms are a delicate vegetable and must be handled with care. Using equipment that is automated, yet gentle is the key to providing a high-end quality product to the consumer.

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