I like making quick food from scratch. It saves time and is usually considered more healthy than a prepared meal full of additives. Arabian food lends itself to easy preparation, and soy sauce makes any meal. Add a simple, natural Arabian sauce on top, and you have a full and delicious risotto - prepared in minutes! Why slave in the kitchen for hours when you can prepare a delicious meal in minutes instead?!

Be careful with soy sauce and yogurt (if you will be using it). I have learned to read the labels and look for fermented GMO-free soy sauce and rBST-free yogurt, as I prefer to eat naturally whenever I can. Of course, we live in the real world and that is not always possible.

2 Tbs Fat for frying - I find that natural coconut oil works best here, but on a ¨poor¨ day, I simply use butter instead.
500 g Ostritch or beef mince (vegatarians can substitute almonds, blanched)
Allspice (pimento) and cinnamon, sprinkled liberally over the mince as if salting chips
Black pepper to taste
Sprinkle of fresh or dry thyme
1 tsp garlic and ginger mix, chopped fine
500 g mushrooms, cut in quarters or halves and sprinkled with salt
Soy sauce
3/4 cup rice (about 200 ml)
2/3 cup boiling water for white rice, or just under 3/4 cup for brown
Natural yogurt or amasi to use as sauce (you can substitute soy sauce if milk-intolerant)

Quick and easy how-to:
In a big cooking pot, start the fat melting, then quickly add meat. It is easiest to sprinkle it with the spices, garlic, and thyme as it is cooking and being quickly stirred. Do not allow to brown, but quickly add salted mushrooms, stir, add soy sauce as a liberal sprinkling all over, whilst stirring, add rice, stir some more and immediately add the water. Stir, bring the heat right down, stir again, and cover. Cook at the lowest heat for 15 minutes for white rice and 30 for brown.

Total time at the cooker/in the kitchen:
About 5-10 minutes!
Serving instructions:
The easy-going cook simply dishes out the risotto onto the plate pours yogurt/amasi on top as a sauce. If milk-intolerant, you can sprinkle more soy sauce on top. Alternatively, serve with a simple salad, and that will add moisture to the meal. Serves 2-4 persons.
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